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Fellow's Corner

We are pleased to announce that a new section – ‘Fellow’s Corner’ will be added to the DBT-JRF Portal!

As part of Fellow’s Corner, ‘Fellow in Spotlight’ will be one of the key initiatives to be launched under DBT-JRF Programme. ‘Fellow in Spotlight’ will host real-life stories of DBT-JRF fellows chronicling the research journey of DBT-JRF/SRF fellow -every month. We shall get insights into fellow’s area of research, motivation, navigating research environment, working in the lab, challenges faced, lessons learnt, pitfalls to avoid, future plans, among other valuable nuggets of information.

We hope that the dynamism of DBT-JRF/SRF fellows portrayed through this initiative will inspire young students & fellow peers positively as well as motivate budding scholars to pursue research in biotechnology.

In this regard, fellows who wish to share their stories and get featured in ‘Fellow’s Corner’ are requested to contact us at Details for submission of information will be communicated to the interest fellows via email.